BAMTAŞ MACHINEPrinting Paper Packaging and Guillotine
Industrial Trade Limited Company.BAMTAŞ

Omega Head Saddle Stitcher, Paper Punching Machine, Arm Stapler, Footed Stapler, Motor Stapler, Drill, Double Head Drill Production, Waterfall Machine, Photo Crimp, Spiral Binding & Sealing Machine.

Our Mission

With an understanding that focuses on the happiness of our customers, suppliers and employees, to offer the most accurate products to the service of the sector under competitive conditions.

Our Vision

To follow the developments in the sector, to provide products that will represent the quality of Aymat Matbaa Market and to deliver them to its customers with an affordable price policy.

Our Principles

It believes that the key to success is to work efficiently, disciplined and planned. It works to be the best in the sector, is result-oriented, does not compromise on quality in product and service.

Our quality policy

It is customer oriented, determines the demands and expectations of the market and directs the production accordingly. It is dynamic, values innovations and creativity, and invests in R&D.


In 1983 young entrephuur Ahmet Yılmaz and talented engineer Mehmet Zahir tounted Bamtaş finish eguipment solutions together .

Bamtaş finish eguipment solutions together. Still that year Bamtaş focused to do top qulity products for printing market.

Bamtaş is stil producing best quality and competetive products with its second generation . Our products are sold around the word throught a network out horized dealers and distributor partners.



Best Solutions
We Are Here To Produce!PRODUCTION

With the logic of quality service is a philosophy, Aymat Matbaa Market continues to serve the sector with its 36 years of experience with the love of the first day.